Saturday, April 28, 2007

One day on the Muni

You meet all sort of people while riding Muni, and some strange things happen. This is one of my favorites moment from the Muni ride...Pretty crowded bus. The bus stops at Van Ness and Northpoint. A few minutes later, the conductor, a grumpy looking old man, is banging on the back window...really loud, and finally comes on from the back door. I notice people immediately look for their transfer or bus pass, thinking he's after someone who got on from the back door without paying. Everyone is looking around like "who pissed him off!" Then, the conductor yells "Hey! this is your stop, young man!" A guy, looking at a guide book map intently, jumps up. The conductor leaves in a hurry mumbling to himself. As the young guy is getting off the bus, he looks at us with a big smile and says "Angry, yet, helpful!" with charming British accent. Everyone laughs as the bus speed up the road.